Grass Cutting in Torquay

I can provide a range of grass cutting services to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Many of my clients don’t always have the time or energy to keep a garden in tip-top shape and that’s why I’m here to help. Why not give me a call today on 07976 471494 and I would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. I cover the Torbay, Teignbridge and surrounding areas within Devon.

If you fancy cutting your own grass then I have put together some useful tips in my grass cutting FAQ below.

Family life and work commitments?

Lots of my clients are busy people with families and work commitments and don’t have the time to cut their lawns. I can provide a regular grass cutting service to help maintain a healthy lawn. I can also provide one-off quotes should you have a requirement for more ad hoc work.

Mind willing but body not able?

Cutting your lawn can be a physically daunting and challenging job for many people. Why not sit back and relax and let me take away the hassle for you. Cutting your lawn can become a pleasure again.

Frequently asked questions about my grass cutting service

Q. When’s the best time to cut my grass?
A. I recommend that you start to think about cutting your lawn in March. You’ll notice real growth during spring and start off with a high cut to begin with, preferably on dry grass.

Q. How frequently should I cut my grass?
A. I recommend mowing your lawn little and often during peak seasons, March to September. For most of my clients that means once a week. The benefit of this is you get a denser-looking turf. A denser turf naturally helps fight against weeds as it helps to prevent weed seeds from making contact with the soil.

Q. How should I mow wet or long grass?
A. Before mowing wet grass drag a long hose across the surface which acts like a giant squeegee removing excess moisture. Mowers have a tendency to clog with wet grass clippings, you can reduce the chances of this by mowing at a slower speed and by raising the blade height. It is also advisable to empty the bag/box more frequently.